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What will Gavin MaGrath Realtor do for me?

You can go it alone, of course!  The issue with this is, things designed to make your life more simple, have, in many ways, become more confusing!  Why, because Real Estate technology is ever changing and constantly in flux.  The more information that you have, often the more overwhelmed you become.  Unlike a Doctor or attorney or electrician, plumber etc, you cannot just dump your problem off and not be as involved in the solution.  Real Estate is particularly and uniquely a joint venture in all cases.  Your involvement is critical and necessary.  In other life experiences, you may be involved but your decision making and participation in the process is much less and often non existent.

Here is an outline of what I do and also the Realtors with whom I align myself.    Often, I will refer you to one of my associates or team members, especially if you are in a different geographical area or needing a certain specialty which is not one of mine.  This speaks to to the number one Real Estate priority that all Realtors should have.  Complete customer satisfaction.  Just as mechanics specialize in different areas and attorneys or doctors usually specialize in a particular area, so do Realtors.  Often more general but specific for different reasons, sometimes purely geographic, sometimes for type of property.  Having a Realtor who knows an area like the back of their hand is a better experience than working with someone who has to learn the area.  The same is applicable with property types, investment, second homes, residential, beachfront, condos, commercial etc, etc.  You get the picture.

The following are what I and my associates do and recommend for you in your home sale or purchase.

About Me:

I Gavin MaGrath Realtor am a full time professional Realtor, dedicated to my clients and willing to give 110% to anyone who commits to working with me.

Waterfront living clearwater beach gavin magrath realtor

Waterfront living on Clearwater Beach

I am based out of Clearwater Florida, was born in London, England and mostly raised in Port Elizabeth South Africa.  I am centrally located to directly  assist you in most Pinellas County Florida areas. With 10 years experience as a full time Realtor, I offer you skills in matching you with the right property and negotiating on your behalf to ensure that you get a great deal!

My number one priority is to look out for your best interests and make sure that your time is not wasted looking at properties and areas which do not make sense to you.

My background is extensive in sales and marketing. I have helped many people develop businesses. Prior to Real Estate I did a variety of business, especially network marketing in which I built groups of distributors nationwide.  I was heavily involved in training, management, sales and all facets of business.  I also developed a very successful E-Bay business back in the earlier days of that site, taking over 5000 orders in some months!

I have sold properties in a variety of areas, mostly along the beaches , From Clearwater Beach to Tierra Verde or close to the beaches as well as plenty of investment property to those looking to build or add to a portfolio.  My specialty is working with second home buyers, people relocating to Florida and those looking to invest.  Real Estate is the perfect fit for me as it allows me to assist others and work in a profession which is never dull or predictable. The reason you need a realtor is to save you a lot of time and money, pay attention to the details of the transaction, make sure that problems are solved and that closing is smooth!

Feel free to google me: Try “Gavin MaGrath Realtor” Gavin Realtor, Clearwater” “Gavin MaGrath real estate” “Gavin MaGrath clearwater beach florida” those should bring you information about my internet presence and testimonials.

A word on testimonials.  It is better to generally search the internet as there are so many sites and and only so many clients! HERE is one place to find testimonials and reviews,  Trulia,  but I stopped advertising on there last year so no new testimonials are on there.  Other sites I have them are Zillow, Homes, Yellow pages, google, and many directories etc.

This website will give you more info as well as using, especially to search.  In fact that is where you will go to get the best search experience on the web, period.  That is not just my opinion but unsolicited testimony of many of the buyers with whom I work!  When you get done with this page, you may want to CLICK HERE TO SEARCH PROPERTIES

About my Team and associates:

As mentioned above, Realtors as workers in most professions have specialties.  I strive to connect you to that Realtor which is perfect for you and your needs.  This saves you time and energy in trying to identify a Realtor who can assist you best.  Over the past decade, I have developed relationships with Realtors who cover all aspects of Real Estate and all over the country and world.   Once I determine your specific needs, you may be connected to one of these Realtors who can professionally and easily assist you with your needs.  It does not matter if you are in Atlanta,Georgia, Lansing Michigan, New York, Toronto Canada, Beijing China, London England or Sydney Australia, I can work with you and streamline your Real Estate experience

How geographically limited are you?

photo of view from sandpearl resort 1108 condo

Looking East from the Sandpearl luxury residences

The surprising answer to this question is; Not at all.  Utilizing modern technology and the internet, I can assist you no matter what area, State or even Country you are in!  The referral business is making Real Estate much better for you.  Just as we can locally assist you, the same is true for wherever you are.  Instead of you interviewing Realtors, I do it for you or already have them in my data base.  Being a professional in the Real Estate industry, I know what to look for in a realtor to make it a good fit for you. Often this has nothing or little to do with sales volume or experience, sometimes it has to do with the pure passion, personability or dedication of a Realtor.  I can establish this and also their local area knowledge.

How do you help me to find the right properties?

I use all the latest and most effective technology  to match you with the right properties in the area that you need to be in.  You will have access to all the listings which fit your parameters, be able to adjust the search criteria to  what you need specifically and get daily e-mails on new listings and price changes.  You have full access to me and can contact me anytime to answer questions.  We will identify an area for you to purchase and then eliminate properties in which you have no interest in. We will view relevant properties on your time and finally make an offer on that one which fits most exactly what you need in a home.

How do you make sure I get the best price for the property I offer on?

Through Negotiation which is he art of persuading someone to do what you want and making it in their best interest to do so.  I use comparable properties and condition of those properties, better or worse to illustrate why you chose your price point.  I research the situation the sellers are in.  This can help in getting a lower price in some instances.  I also use psychology with a variety of techniques to develop a sense of loss in the sellers, if they do not take your offer.  Sometimes they will accept a lower offer if everything falls in place.

What do you do to help market my property if I am selling

image of home from gavin magrath reltor

A beautiful Luxury home on Island Estate

Internet marketing and e-mail campaigns to Realtors and potential buyers marketing to ensure that maximum exposure is given to 1000’s of realtors, each of whom may have several clients looking for a property like yours.  Most importantly the  presentation of your property is critical.  Little things may detract buyers from making an offer.  The issue can be rather in depth and complex.  I will be happy to help you with what should be done to present your home in the best light possible when potential buyers view it. Realistic pricing is critical.  Neither too high or low. Discouraging buyers with high pricing is pointless and counter productive.  Being strong and competitive will get you the highest price if you work to get your home appearing desirable by being neat, clean and approachable.


How do you ensure that I get the highest price?

Local, national and global marketing  The internet has created opportunities for  marketing your property like never before!   Your home or condo when listed will be optimized on all the major Real Estate sites and through social media.  Getting your property in front of the most relevant Realtors possible, not only in the region in which you are selling but around the nation or globe if your property may have appeal to out of state or foreign buyers.  This is the best way to reach the maximum amount of buyers in the shortest time period.  There are several key ways to accomplish this.  Starting off with a good MLS listing with great pictures and pricing the property correctly!

What should I do to ensure that the selling process is smooth?

This is all the opinion of Gavin MaGrath, Realtor but I have seen it work and it all makes sense.  Few sellers follow all these steps and they may be missing out on maximizing price point and selling more quickly with less hassle.

BEFORE listing your property, get a home inspection!  That makes so much sense. Spend a few $100 and relieves the buyers of the stress of wondering what major issues may lurk unknown in the home.  Work with a Realtor, such as myself, who is familiar with all the facets of your pending real estate transaction.  This gives you peace of mind.  Offer a home warranty to the potential buyers, this furthers their peace of mind and takes more stress out of their decision  Move out of the home if possible so that it is vacant and easily shown.  If  you are not able to move out, reduce any clutter and minimize furnishings in the living space.

regatta beach club 880 mandalay clearwater beach

The interior neat and ready to sell!

Work with Gavin MaGrath Realtor to ensure that showings are easy to set up for a buyers agent!  If it is a chore some realtors may put homes which are difficult to show, at the end of the list ,or worse, off of it completely!.  DO NOT skimp on commission to try and save a few dollars.  If the buyers agent sees a low commission than are on other homes, they may not be so eager to show your home.  Not ethical but it is reality in some cases.  If your listing agent is getting a low commission, their incentive to market and push the sale will not be as strong as it should be.  In the long run, you will usually make more by selling your home at a strong commission and following all the above steps. Here is a tip.  Increase traffic and showings on your property by offering a half or even a full percent MORE on the buyers agent commission.  Realtors will fall over themselves to show your listing and chances are you will make more back than that percent by getting more offers!

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