Clearwater Beach Real Estate….The Month in review 11-27-13

Monthly Clearwater Beach Real Estate Review I usually do my Real Estate Update on Fridays, at least that is the intention! With Thanksgiving upon us and having missed a couple of weeks, I am doing it today and going over the past 30 Days. It has been an odd market due to the prevailing conditions. The general overview is a … Read More

Secrets of Buying or Selling Your Luxury Property

The Secrets of Luxury Real Estate There is a lot of movement these days in the luxury property market. What defines luxury for our purposes and that of the Luxury marketing institute? It is considered to be any home which will sell for over $500,000 as a base. In some markets, it may be more or less. $500,000 is a … Read More

The Clearwater Beach Real Estate Market Update 6-2013

Resurgence in Real Estate prices in Clearwater Beach Things are really moving! The Clearwater Beach Real Estate Market in Florida has seen a resurgence in Real Estate prices and number of closed sales. Inventory remains low but not as low as it was a year ago or even a few months ago. Most Real Estate agents on Clearwater Beach are … Read More

What Changing Market Conditions Mean To You

Is It a Good Time to Buy or Sell Real Estate When the subject of Real Estate market conditions comes up there are always many differing opinions no matter what the topic! The answer which is usually correct is the one which fits your situation. Regardless of real estate market conditions, for certain people there will always be good or … Read More

You want to buy it for HOW much?

“Realtors Do Not Know Best” Funny thing about Real Estate, it is not always looked at as being as much of a legitimate profession as many others which involve licencees. On a daily basis, we as Realtors get reminded of how we do not know best. Not by everyone of course, but there certainly is a healthy segment of the … Read More

Crazy to buy now?

Is it crazy to buy now? Will prices fall, will the market drop more? I answer some of these questions here and try and add some perspective to the situation