Investing in the Clearwater Beach area now could make you money!

Investing in Clearwater Beach

Clearwater and Gulf Beach Real Estate is Starting to Move! If you are looking to invest in a second home or primary residence, this is probably a good time to consider doing it.  As we know, real estate is a series of cycles and cycles within cycles.  Nothing is static in the ever changing landscape of constantly moving property! The … Read More

Clearwater Beach Real Estate: The year in review 2013

Real Estate in 2013 – The Year Reviewed It has been quite a ride as you would know if you have been involved in the Real Estate market during the past several years.  It usually is because one thing that is for sure is change and plenty of it. It can be said however that 2013 was probably one of … Read More

Invest in Clearwater Beach Real Estate….2014

Cycles in Real Estate There is one certainty in life and Real Estate.  There WILL be cycles.  Always have been, always will be.  The trick is to identify what type of cycle we are in or moving into.  Real Estate may be one of the easiest of cycles to predict, however specifics, such as time frames, are not always easy … Read More

Clearwater Beach Real Estate….The Month in review 11-27-13

Monthly Clearwater Beach Real Estate Review I usually do my Real Estate Update on Fridays, at least that is the intention! With Thanksgiving upon us and having missed a couple of weeks, I am doing it today and going over the past 30 Days. It has been an odd market due to the prevailing conditions. The general overview is a … Read More

The Clearwater Beach Real Estate Market Update 6-2013

Resurgence in Real Estate prices in Clearwater Beach Things are really moving! The Clearwater Beach Real Estate Market in Florida has seen a resurgence in Real Estate prices and number of closed sales. Inventory remains low but not as low as it was a year ago or even a few months ago. Most Real Estate agents on Clearwater Beach are … Read More

A Real Estate Market On The Move

Clearwater Beach and Other Florida Real Estate Markets are shifting! If you read my blogs going back to 2010, I have consistently said buy, buy, buy!  The reasons are now becoming obvious.  The Real Estate market in the Clearwater Florida area and other areas around Florida and the nation have begun a systematic recovery.  This is largely governed geographically based on events … Read More

Luxury Market Update…..why Clearwater is a Gem!

Luxury Market In Clearwater and Tampa Bay, Florida The luxury property market nationwide has seen a big upswing in listings and sales over the past 18 months.  2012 was a banner year for luxury Real estate.  Typically Luxury Real Estate is defined as any homes over $500,000 in price but for purposes of this particular market update, I will stick … Read More

Clearwater Beach Real Estate Today 11/13/2012

Today in the Clearwater Beach Real Estate Market This is a very, very quiet time of the year for beach and local, Clearwater Beach Real Estate. There is not a lot of action at the moment. In Central Pinellas county Florida, including the cities of Clearwater (beaches), Largo, Palm Harbor, Dunedin and Safety Harbor, as well as all the beaches … Read More

Musings on Clearwater Florida Real Estate

What’s going on? What is going on all of a sudden? I think people are going crazy after years and years of a declining market. I was sitting at my desk at the office, Delta Realty on Clearwater Beach earlier in the week pondering upon the recent happenings including crazy low mortgage rates, the slowdown of foreclosures and distressed property … Read More

Whacky New World of Florida Real Estate 2012

The Great 2012 Real Estate Metamorphorsis Just when you think that things cannot get more confusing, they do. Clearwater and the Beach areas in Florida, USA has as odd a situation as you would ever see. A decade ago when Florida Real Estate was beginning to trend up, it was relatively simple. Prices were increasing, inventory was increasing, new projects … Read More