Stop at the Office and have a chat with a Clearwater Realtor

WHY USE A CLEARWATER REALTOR? It has come to my attention as a Clearwater Realtor in Florida that Real Estate in general is getting further and further away from human interaction in proportion to the amount of new technology that is becoming available. I am attempting to bridge that gap.  Real Estate will always ultimately be a people business.  It … Read More

You want to buy it for HOW much?

“Realtors Do Not Know Best” Funny thing about Real Estate, it is not always looked at as being as much of a legitimate profession as many others which involve licencees. On a daily basis, we as Realtors get reminded of how we do not know best. Not by everyone of course, but there certainly is a healthy segment of the … Read More

Mortgage Rates still falling

Mortgage Rates Continue Record Slide Here is an excerpt from the Boston Globe. We are in an historic time right now. We are in the midst of a cyclical change. based on what is happening, I have a fairly optimistic outlook that we will be in a more stable economy not too long from now. Hopefully we will see less … Read More

Crazy to buy now?

Is it crazy to buy now? Will prices fall, will the market drop more? I answer some of these questions here and try and add some perspective to the situation