Real Estate Market major recovery signs.

Clearwater Beach Property Recovery Here on Clearwater Beach and all around the Tampa Bay area there are signs of recovery in the Real Estate market. This has been going on for 6 months straight now, including single family homes and condos and has led to declines in inventory, increases in sales prices and an increase in the number of sales. … Read More

Clearwater Beach Real Estate, it’s too late for some!

Certain Areas are Booming In the face of the media onslaught depicting a still crashing and never-ending doomed Real Estate Market, it may come as a surprise to many that certain areas are booming relative to the past few years, at least in sales. Clearwater Beach Florida is one of those areas. As a realtor, I have seen a lot … Read More

Amazing Castles from around the world!

Ever Wanted to Live in a Castle Whet your appetite with photos of some of the most amazing Castles from around the world Check out this site. It has some of the most spectacular and amazing castles in the world!

Mortgage Rates still falling

Mortgage Rates Continue Record Slide Here is an excerpt from the Boston Globe. We are in an historic time right now. We are in the midst of a cyclical change. based on what is happening, I have a fairly optimistic outlook that we will be in a more stable economy not too long from now. Hopefully we will see less … Read More

Crazy to buy now?

Is it crazy to buy now? Will prices fall, will the market drop more? I answer some of these questions here and try and add some perspective to the situation