What is a Short Sale?

The Short Sale Process Short sales started to become more common when the market crashed in late 2007 and property values plunged.   Real Estate is such a specialized area though (unless you are buying or selling) that even though most people have heard the term Short Sale, they may have never actually found out what that means.   This … Read More

Real Estate 101 – Understanding Short Sales (part 1)

Short Sale Confusion There is a tremendous amount of confusion regarding short sales.  There is also  misinformation being disseminated.  I am going to write a few articles and hopefully answer any questions you may have about short sales or the foreclosure process. I am obviously not able to give legal advice as I am not an attorney.  However, feel free … Read More

Sleeper house sells for $1.5 million.

The Sculptured House used in the movie ‘Sleeper’ and known to locals as the Star Trek House, Clamshell House, Jetson House, Sleeper House or Flying Saucer House, is a distinctive design built by architect Charles Deaton in 1963. House Featured in Film Sells for $1.5 Million The ultra-modern house that starred in Woody Allen’s 1973 sci-fi movie “Sleeper” sold at a … Read More