Clearwater Beach Homes For Sale

Clearwater Beach Homes for Sale Here is a quick guide to what single family homes are currently listed for sale on Clearwater Beach.   You can bookmark this page and refer back to it or you can come back to the site and search the drop down menu. I find that a lot of people have decided that they would … Read More

Clearwater Real Estate Q & A

Clearwater Real Estate Q & A. As a Realtor serving the Clearwater and Gulf beaches, I get a lot of questions on all kinds of topics from people visiting this Clearwater Beach site or from buyers and sellers of Real Estate in general.   Sometimes the questions are very specific and more often, general in nature.  I just received a … Read More

Clearwater Beach Florida Condos For Sale

Where are the Clearwater Condos? You may find it odd to be reading a blog about Clearwater condos for sale at a time when no-one seems to know what the Real estate market is doing.  There is a reason however, if nothing else to impart factual information to you, the reader who is perhaps interested in the state of Real … Read More

Real Estate 101… How to search for Properties.

Property Search becomes confusing! On the surface it would seem that searching for Real Estate is as simple as going to Google and typing in the information you are seeking. Everything usually goes well until you are faced with a myriad of options from which to search for Real Estate. I work in the areas in and around Clearwater Beach … Read More

Follow the trend, don’t miss the boat.

Real Estate is about Change I was contemplating something I often think about while working Real Estate which was highlighted again during a recent seminar I attended. There are some very solid facts about Real Estate and yet most of those facts revolve around change. Solidity does not seem to go hand in hand with Real Estate The fact I … Read More