Clearwater Beach Real Estate: The year in review 2013

Real Estate in 2013 – The Year Reviewed It has been quite a ride as you would know if you have been involved in the Real Estate market during the past several years.  It usually is because one thing that is for sure is change and plenty of it. It can be said however that 2013 was probably one of … Read More

Clearwater Beach Homes For Sale

Clearwater Beach Homes for Sale Here is a quick guide to what single family homes are currently listed for sale on Clearwater Beach.   You can bookmark this page and refer back to it or you can come back to the site and search the drop down menu. I find that a lot of people have decided that they would … Read More

Are There any Short Sales or Foreclosures?

Short Sales or Foreclosures in Tampa, Florida I have long held the opinion, however ridiculous that some people who are not from Florida have thought that the streets of Clearwater Beach were littered with gold nuggets just waiting to be picked up if only they made the effort to show up! I say that tongue in cheek and it only … Read More

Condo Fees, Insurance and Hurricanes in Clearwater Florida

Condo Fees Regarding Hurricanes and Insurance. This is basically a response to a client asking for information about condo fees. He is from out of the Country. There are many misconceptions about what condo fees are and what they consist of. His interest is in Clearwater Beach Florida Real Estate but this information applies to most of the State in … Read More

Clearwater Beach Real Estate

The Developing Popularity of Clearwater Beach Real Estate Clearwater Beach Real Estate is really coming into its own.  Clearwater Beach is developing into a top resort destination world wide.  At any given time of the year you will find tourists from all over the USA and the globe.  Name a country and you will find someone who has been to … Read More

Musings on Clearwater Florida Real Estate

What’s going on? What is going on all of a sudden? I think people are going crazy after years and years of a declining market. I was sitting at my desk at the office, Delta Realty on Clearwater Beach earlier in the week pondering upon the recent happenings including crazy low mortgage rates, the slowdown of foreclosures and distressed property … Read More