Clearwater Beach Homes For Sale

Clearwater Beach Homes for Sale Here is a quick guide to what single family homes are currently listed for sale on Clearwater Beach.   You can bookmark this page and refer back to it or you can come back to the site and search the drop down menu. I find that a lot of people have decided that they would … Read More

Condo Fees, Insurance and Hurricanes in Clearwater Florida

Condo Fees Regarding Hurricanes and Insurance. This is basically a response to a client asking for information about condo fees. He is from out of the Country. There are many misconceptions about what condo fees are and what they consist of. His interest is in Clearwater Beach Florida Real Estate but this information applies to most of the State in … Read More

Clearwater Real Estate Q & A

Clearwater Real Estate Q & A. As a Realtor serving the Clearwater and Gulf beaches, I get a lot of questions on all kinds of topics from people visiting this Clearwater Beach site or from buyers and sellers of Real Estate in general.   Sometimes the questions are very specific and more often, general in nature.  I just received a … Read More

Most expensive homes, Clearwater, Tampa

Expensive Homes in Clearwater Clearwater Beach Florida has some very expensive Real Estate. This is in comparison to ordinary residential Real Estate of course, not some of the super luxury properties which are found around the world. On Clearwater beach, we do boast our fair share of luxury however. Clearwater Beach Florida is not the only area in this region … Read More

Musings on Clearwater Florida Real Estate

What’s going on? What is going on all of a sudden? I think people are going crazy after years and years of a declining market. I was sitting at my desk at the office, Delta Realty on Clearwater Beach earlier in the week pondering upon the recent happenings including crazy low mortgage rates, the slowdown of foreclosures and distressed property … Read More

Whacky New World of Florida Real Estate 2012

The Great 2012 Real Estate Metamorphorsis Just when you think that things cannot get more confusing, they do. Clearwater and the Beach areas in Florida, USA has as odd a situation as you would ever see. A decade ago when Florida Real Estate was beginning to trend up, it was relatively simple. Prices were increasing, inventory was increasing, new projects … Read More

Florida Real Estate listing Statistics 2011

Florida Real Estate Listing and Sales trends for 2011 These Florida Real Estate Statistics show the comparisons between active listings, sold properties and new listings throughout central Florida. Even though these are not specific to Clearwater or the Beach areas in Pinellas County, the overall trend of what is going on is representative of the pattern of Real Estate for … Read More

Real Estate 101…How to search for properties (Part 2)

Following on from the previous blog (you may consider reading that first if you have not already… CLICK HERE) The perfect Clearwater Florida boating home. Why searching for Real Estate can be confusing Essentially in the previous blog we looked at the importance of having a good foundation before beginning your full-on Real Estate search. Becoming qualified, deciding and narrowing … Read More

Real Estate 101 – Understanding Short Sales (part 1)

Short Sale Confusion There is a tremendous amount of confusion regarding short sales.  There is also  misinformation being disseminated.  I am going to write a few articles and hopefully answer any questions you may have about short sales or the foreclosure process. I am obviously not able to give legal advice as I am not an attorney.  However, feel free … Read More