Clearwater Real Estate Q & A

Clearwater Real Estate Q & A. As a Realtor serving the Clearwater and Gulf beaches, I get a lot of questions on all kinds of topics from people visiting this Clearwater Beach site or from buyers and sellers of Real Estate in general.   Sometimes the questions are very specific and more often, general in nature.  I just received a … Read More

440W Condo Complex Clearwater Beach Review

My review of the 440W condo building located on Clearwater Beach. One of my favorite buildings as it is inexpensive, well built and holds it’s value. Unique Building on Clearwater Beach This is one of the more unique buildings on Clearwater Beach. It is located at the South end of the beach and all units have direct Gulf views. I … Read More

Whacky New World of Florida Real Estate 2012

The Great 2012 Real Estate Metamorphorsis Just when you think that things cannot get more confusing, they do. Clearwater and the Beach areas in Florida, USA has as odd a situation as you would ever see. A decade ago when Florida Real Estate was beginning to trend up, it was relatively simple. Prices were increasing, inventory was increasing, new projects … Read More

Clearwater Beach Florida Condos For Sale

Where are the Clearwater Condos? You may find it odd to be reading a blog about Clearwater condos for sale at a time when no-one seems to know what the Real estate market is doing.  There is a reason however, if nothing else to impart factual information to you, the reader who is perhaps interested in the state of Real … Read More

Real Estate 101 – Understanding Short Sales (part 1)

Short Sale Confusion There is a tremendous amount of confusion regarding short sales.  There is also  misinformation being disseminated.  I am going to write a few articles and hopefully answer any questions you may have about short sales or the foreclosure process. I am obviously not able to give legal advice as I am not an attorney.  However, feel free … Read More

Odd goings on in Clearwater Beach Real Estate!

Strange days indeed!  What’s going on in Clearwater Beach? The sun is shining on Clearwater, Florida. It is unseasonably warm. A quiet time as far as tourism goes, the beaches are quiet are engulfed in a dead calm, it is a relaxing place to be. Winter doldrums? Maybe on the surface but underneath, in the Real Estate Market, the engine … Read More

Real Estate Market major recovery signs.

Clearwater Beach Property Recovery Here on Clearwater Beach and all around the Tampa Bay area there are signs of recovery in the Real Estate market. This has been going on for 6 months straight now, including single family homes and condos and has led to declines in inventory, increases in sales prices and an increase in the number of sales. … Read More

Clearwater Beach Condo Inventory Drops Dramatically!

Property Buyers – Time to Move For the past year I have been watching trends and suggesting that buyers start thinking about making a move. By following the direction of sales on Clearwater Beach it was not difficult to predict that inventory would begin to diminish. All sales, pricing and inventory graphs show stability over the past 10 months or … Read More

Clearwater Beach Real Estate, it’s too late for some!

Certain Areas are Booming In the face of the media onslaught depicting a still crashing and never-ending doomed Real Estate Market, it may come as a surprise to many that certain areas are booming relative to the past few years, at least in sales. Clearwater Beach Florida is one of those areas. As a realtor, I have seen a lot … Read More