The Top Ten highest priced properties on Clearwater Beach (33767)

This is always an exciting luxury Real Estate list. ¬†For most people just to dream and for others to actually live the dream. Regardless of whether you are just daydreaming or considering purchasing one of these fine properties, you will enjoy looking at the pictures and finding out which properties are currently the top ten highest priced properties are as … Read More

Secrets of Buying or Selling Your Luxury Property

The Secrets of Luxury Real Estate There is a lot of movement these days in the luxury property market. What defines luxury for our purposes and that of the Luxury marketing institute? It is considered to be any home which will sell for over $500,000 as a base. In some markets, it may be more or less. $500,000 is a … Read More

Clearwater Beach property statistics Real Estate, 2016

Clearwater Beach Property Statistics If you take a moment to study the graph depicting Clearwater Beach Florida below, you will see a trend which is not quite as drastic as the media would have you believe. These are listing prices, not actual sales. The importance of this is to illustrate how the market is doing in terms of stability or … Read More