Investing in the Clearwater Beach area now could make you money!

Investing in Clearwater Beach

Clearwater and Gulf Beach Real Estate is Starting to Move! If you are looking to invest in a second home or primary residence, this is probably a good time to consider doing it.  As we know, real estate is a series of cycles and cycles within cycles.  Nothing is static in the ever changing landscape of constantly moving property! The … Read More

Clearwater Real Estate Crash; is one Imminent?

Is it time to panic over a Clearwater Market Crash? How could there be a Clearwater Real Estate crash on the beach and surrounding areas when all you read and hear about in mainstream media is recovery? For quite some time now, evidence of a slowdown has been steadily building. Overall, a Clearwater Real Estate crash is not necessarily a … Read More

Invest in Clearwater Beach Real Estate….2014

Cycles in Real Estate There is one certainty in life and Real Estate.  There WILL be cycles.  Always have been, always will be.  The trick is to identify what type of cycle we are in or moving into.  Real Estate may be one of the easiest of cycles to predict, however specifics, such as time frames, are not always easy … Read More

Clearwater Beach Real Estate….The Month in review 11-27-13

Monthly Clearwater Beach Real Estate Review I usually do my Real Estate Update on Fridays, at least that is the intention! With Thanksgiving upon us and having missed a couple of weeks, I am doing it today and going over the past 30 Days. It has been an odd market due to the prevailing conditions. The general overview is a … Read More

Do You Know the Secret Time to Buy on Clearwater Beach?

Buying Real Estate in Clearwater Florida in the Fall A Real Estate  market is always thought of as being strong if it is a market where sellers are doing well.    The reason for this is that if sellers are doing well, then buyers must be active.  Of course that is hard to argue with, but what about a strong … Read More

What Changing Market Conditions Mean To You

Is It a Good Time to Buy or Sell Real Estate When the subject of Real Estate market conditions comes up there are always many differing opinions no matter what the topic! The answer which is usually correct is the one which fits your situation. Regardless of real estate market conditions, for certain people there will always be good or … Read More

Real Estate 101…How to search for properties (Part 2)

Following on from the previous blog (you may consider reading that first if you have not already… CLICK HERE) The perfect Clearwater Florida boating home. Why searching for Real Estate can be confusing Essentially in the previous blog we looked at the importance of having a good foundation before beginning your full-on Real Estate search. Becoming qualified, deciding and narrowing … Read More

Odd goings on in Clearwater Beach Real Estate!

Strange days indeed!  What’s going on in Clearwater Beach? The sun is shining on Clearwater, Florida. It is unseasonably warm. A quiet time as far as tourism goes, the beaches are quiet are engulfed in a dead calm, it is a relaxing place to be. Winter doldrums? Maybe on the surface but underneath, in the Real Estate Market, the engine … Read More

Clearwater Beach Real Estate, it’s too late for some!

Certain Areas are Booming In the face of the media onslaught depicting a still crashing and never-ending doomed Real Estate Market, it may come as a surprise to many that certain areas are booming relative to the past few years, at least in sales. Clearwater Beach Florida is one of those areas. As a realtor, I have seen a lot … Read More