Clearwater Realtor -The Cold Hard Truth.

440 West condo clearwater beach pool

The perception of a Realtor There have been a lot of unfortunate depictions of Realtors over the years, not always as kind as they might be. In the worst case scenarios, Realtors have been classed as right there with used car salesmen. This was actually the result of a major survey done which intended to get the pulse of the … Read More

Investing in the Clearwater Beach area now could make you money!

Investing in Clearwater Beach

Clearwater and Gulf Beach Real Estate is Starting to Move! If you are looking to invest in a second home or primary residence, this is probably a good time to consider doing it.  As we know, real estate is a series of cycles and cycles within cycles.  Nothing is static in the ever changing landscape of constantly moving property! The … Read More

Clearwater Beach Condos For Sale

Clearwater Beach Condos For Sale Fortunately there are a wide variety of Clearwater Beach Condos for sale. Because of the uniqueness of the Clearwater Beach Florida area, there is something for everyone. Prices range vastly. There are 3 areas which comprise the entire “Clearwater Beach” area as defined by the zip code 33767. This zip code encompasses the areas of … Read More

Clearwater Real Estate Crash; is one Imminent?

Is it time to panic over a Clearwater Market Crash? How could there be a Clearwater Real Estate crash on the beach and surrounding areas when all you read and hear about in mainstream media is recovery? For quite some time now, evidence of a slowdown has been steadily building. Overall, a Clearwater Real Estate crash is not necessarily a … Read More

Easter Weekend on Clearwater Beach 2014

Enjoy a fun filled Easter weekend on Clearwater Beach

A drive along Clearwater Beach, just before the start of the Easter weekend on Clearwater Beach, including weather and forecast.   If you are planning on coming to the Beach this weekend, you should arrive early!  Booking anything at this point would be pointless unless you book off the beach. In this video, we also have a look at the … Read More

Clearwater Beach Sugar Sand Festival 2014

Here is a brief video driving by the Sugar Sand festival tent on Clearwater Beach in April 2014. The Sugar Sand festival on Clearwater Beach takes place annually and involves sand sculptors who the very best at their craft. If you have not been to this event before it is a must see as these sculptures are truly amazing. They … Read More

The Top Ten highest priced properties on Clearwater Beach (33767)

This is always an exciting luxury Real Estate list.  For most people just to dream and for others to actually live the dream. Regardless of whether you are just daydreaming or considering purchasing one of these fine properties, you will enjoy looking at the pictures and finding out which properties are currently the top ten highest priced properties are as … Read More

Why NOW may be the best time to sell?

Special Report from Clearwater Florida Good things come to those who wait……often, yes but not always in the Real Estate market.  The reason?  Well…you may not know it but you HAVE been waiting.  The problem with 95% of home sellers out there is that their interest only peaks when they are ready to sell. Of course, this has to be … Read More

Live Chat with a Clearwater Area Realtor.

Use Live Chat to Talk to a Clearwater Realtor Now With our live chat system you can discuss your real estate needs with an experienced realtor without leaving our website. This site allows you to chat in real time with myself or another realtor who is very knowledgeable about real estate in the Clearwater Beach and surrounding areas. That includes … Read More

Clearwater Beach Real Estate: The year in review 2013

Real Estate in 2013 – The Year Reviewed It has been quite a ride as you would know if you have been involved in the Real Estate market during the past several years.  It usually is because one thing that is for sure is change and plenty of it. It can be said however that 2013 was probably one of … Read More