Clearwater Beach Homes for sale under $300,000

Clearwater Beach homes for sale under $300000 is a very rare category and may not have any North Clearwater Beach homes for sale under 300000 for very long! Prices have adjusted up and there are still a few homes for sale, on the smaller side, usually 2 bedrooms or needing a lot of work. This is a great time to purchase a home on Clearwater Beach in this price range.

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Wide Variety of Homes – Not many homes for sale under $300,000

You will find a wide variety of house styles for sale on North Clearwater beach, but not many Clearwater Beach Homes for sale under $300000. The area is very old and some of the homes on the Island date back to the 1920’s. Through the years many of those homes have been pulled down and replaced or renovated.

Homes vary greatly in style and in size. Some are no more than beach shacks or cottages, others sprawling, elegant mansions and several are typical 1960’s solidly built ranch style homes.

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Prices vary greatly, these days it is more affordable for many people and also exclusive enough for the jet setters and those able to afford the best of the best. Overall the feeling in Clearwater beach’s residential neighborhood is one of tranquillity, safety and tropical lushness. If you are in the market for a $400,000 home or a $8,000,000 home, the feeling and enjoyment is there for all to experience. There are plenty of Clearwater beach homes for sale.

Regardless of which location your Clearwater Beach Home is in, you will be a short walk to the white sands of Caladessi Beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

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