What is a Short Sale?

The Short Sale Process Short sales started to become more common when the market crashed in late 2007 and property values plunged.   Real Estate is such a specialized area though (unless you are buying or selling) that even though most people have heard the term Short Sale, they may have never actually found out what that means.   This … Read More

Stop at the Office and have a chat with a Clearwater Realtor

WHY USE A CLEARWATER REALTOR? It has come to my attention as a Clearwater Realtor in Florida that Real Estate in general is getting further and further away from human interaction in proportion to the amount of new technology that is becoming available. I am attempting to bridge that gap.  Real Estate will always ultimately be a people business.  It … Read More

Real Estate Today Gulf Beaches, Florida

Florida’s Gulf Coast Living Why is the West Coast of Florida such a great place to live, why is it generally preferred over the East Coast, why are Real Estate prices higher on the Gulf coast? In this instance, having experienced life on both Coasts and speaking with many people who have done the same, the answers are fairly simple. … Read More

Clearwater Beach Real Estate Today 11/13/2012

Today in the Clearwater Beach Real Estate Market This is a very, very quiet time of the year for beach and local, Clearwater Beach Real Estate. There is not a lot of action at the moment. In Central Pinellas county Florida, including the cities of Clearwater (beaches), Largo, Palm Harbor, Dunedin and Safety Harbor, as well as all the beaches … Read More

Whacky New World of Florida Real Estate 2012

The Great 2012 Real Estate Metamorphorsis Just when you think that things cannot get more confusing, they do. Clearwater and the Beach areas in Florida, USA has as odd a situation as you would ever see. A decade ago when Florida Real Estate was beginning to trend up, it was relatively simple. Prices were increasing, inventory was increasing, new projects … Read More

Lowballing is not good negotiating for Clearwater Real Estate

The one thing the article does not point out that is that an almost every situation it is not a good idea to make unrealistically low offers. Your Realtor and yourself should be able to do the necessary legwork to decipher the market and figure out what a good offer should be. Does this mean you should not attempt to get a good price? Not at all. In fact you will often end up losing out on a deal to someone else or pay more than you expected for a property.

Florida Real Estate listing Statistics 2011

Florida Real Estate Listing and Sales trends for 2011 These Florida Real Estate Statistics show the comparisons between active listings, sold properties and new listings throughout central Florida. Even though these are not specific to Clearwater or the Beach areas in Pinellas County, the overall trend of what is going on is representative of the pattern of Real Estate for … Read More

Bank owned deals on Clearwater Beach!

Fantastic Deals on Clearwater Beach Hi Everyone There are fantastic deals are out there and a couple of new ones have popped up. Two bank owned properties, (which are a rarity on the beach these days). 1) Direct Gulf front 1 bedroom, on N. Beach with absolutely spectacular views from the 8th floor. ONLY $159,000. Others just like this have … Read More

Sleeper house sells for $1.5 million.

The Sculptured House used in the movie ‘Sleeper’ and known to locals as the Star Trek House, Clamshell House, Jetson House, Sleeper House or Flying Saucer House, is a distinctive design built by architect Charles Deaton in 1963. House Featured in Film Sells for $1.5 Million The ultra-modern house that starred in Woody Allen’s 1973 sci-fi movie “Sleeper” sold at a … Read More