Live Chat with a Clearwater Area Realtor.

Use Live Chat to Talk to a Clearwater Realtor Now With our live chat system you can discuss your real estate needs with an experienced realtor without leaving our website. This site allows you to chat in real time with myself or another realtor who is very knowledgeable about real estate in the Clearwater Beach and surrounding areas. That includes … Read More

Clearwater Beach Homes For Sale

Clearwater Beach Homes for Sale Here is a quick guide to what single family homes are currently listed for sale on Clearwater Beach.   You can bookmark this page and refer back to it or you can come back to the site and search the drop down menu. I find that a lot of people have decided that they would … Read More

Secrets of Buying or Selling Your Luxury Property

The Secrets of Luxury Real Estate There is a lot of movement these days in the luxury property market. What defines luxury for our purposes and that of the Luxury marketing institute? It is considered to be any home which will sell for over $500,000 as a base. In some markets, it may be more or less. $500,000 is a … Read More

Condo Fees, Insurance and Hurricanes in Clearwater Florida

Condo Fees Regarding Hurricanes and Insurance. This is basically a response to a client asking for information about condo fees. He is from out of the Country. There are many misconceptions about what condo fees are and what they consist of. His interest is in Clearwater Beach Florida Real Estate but this information applies to most of the State in … Read More

Clearwater Real Estate Q & A

Clearwater Real Estate Q & A. As a Realtor serving the Clearwater and Gulf beaches, I get a lot of questions on all kinds of topics from people visiting this Clearwater Beach site or from buyers and sellers of Real Estate in general.   Sometimes the questions are very specific and more often, general in nature.  I just received a … Read More

Stop at the Office and have a chat with a Clearwater Realtor

WHY USE A CLEARWATER REALTOR? It has come to my attention as a Clearwater Realtor in Florida that Real Estate in general is getting further and further away from human interaction in proportion to the amount of new technology that is becoming available. I am attempting to bridge that gap.  Real Estate will always ultimately be a people business.  It … Read More

Real Estate Today Gulf Beaches, Florida

Florida’s Gulf Coast Living Why is the West Coast of Florida such a great place to live, why is it generally preferred over the East Coast, why are Real Estate prices higher on the Gulf coast? In this instance, having experienced life on both Coasts and speaking with many people who have done the same, the answers are fairly simple. … Read More

Clearwater Beach Real Estate Today 11/13/2012

Today in the Clearwater Beach Real Estate Market This is a very, very quiet time of the year for beach and local, Clearwater Beach Real Estate. There is not a lot of action at the moment. In Central Pinellas county Florida, including the cities of Clearwater (beaches), Largo, Palm Harbor, Dunedin and Safety Harbor, as well as all the beaches … Read More

Lowballing is not good negotiating for Clearwater Real Estate

The one thing the article does not point out that is that an almost every situation it is not a good idea to make unrealistically low offers. Your Realtor and yourself should be able to do the necessary legwork to decipher the market and figure out what a good offer should be. Does this mean you should not attempt to get a good price? Not at all. In fact you will often end up losing out on a deal to someone else or pay more than you expected for a property.

Clearwater Beach Florida Condos For Sale

Where are the Clearwater Condos? You may find it odd to be reading a blog about Clearwater condos for sale at a time when no-one seems to know what the Real estate market is doing.  There is a reason however, if nothing else to impart factual information to you, the reader who is perhaps interested in the state of Real … Read More