Clearwater Beach Real Estate Today 11/13/2012

Today in the Clearwater Beach Real Estate Market This is a very, very quiet time of the year for beach and local, Clearwater Beach Real Estate. There is not a lot of action at the moment. In Central Pinellas county Florida, including the cities of Clearwater (beaches), Largo, Palm Harbor, Dunedin and Safety Harbor, as well as all the beaches … Read More

Lowballing is not good negotiating for Clearwater Real Estate

The one thing the article does not point out that is that an almost every situation it is not a good idea to make unrealistically low offers. Your Realtor and yourself should be able to do the necessary legwork to decipher the market and figure out what a good offer should be. Does this mean you should not attempt to get a good price? Not at all. In fact you will often end up losing out on a deal to someone else or pay more than you expected for a property.

Clearwater Beach Florida Condos For Sale

Where are the Clearwater Condos? You may find it odd to be reading a blog about Clearwater condos for sale at a time when no-one seems to know what the Real estate market is doing.  There is a reason however, if nothing else to impart factual information to you, the reader who is perhaps interested in the state of Real … Read More

Real Estate 101…How to search for properties (Part 2)

Following on from the previous blog (you may consider reading that first if you have not already… CLICK HERE) The perfect Clearwater Florida boating home. Why searching for Real Estate can be confusing Essentially in the previous blog we looked at the importance of having a good foundation before beginning your full-on Real Estate search. Becoming qualified, deciding and narrowing … Read More

Real Estate 101… How to search for Properties.

Property Search becomes confusing! On the surface it would seem that searching for Real Estate is as simple as going to Google and typing in the information you are seeking. Everything usually goes well until you are faced with a myriad of options from which to search for Real Estate. I work in the areas in and around Clearwater Beach … Read More

Real Estate 101 – Understanding Short Sales (part 1)

Short Sale Confusion There is a tremendous amount of confusion regarding short sales.  There is also  misinformation being disseminated.  I am going to write a few articles and hopefully answer any questions you may have about short sales or the foreclosure process. I am obviously not able to give legal advice as I am not an attorney.  However, feel free … Read More